Games to learn

This is an easy addition game to practise with small numbers. (juego de sumas)

Jetski additions game

This is a substraction game to practise substractions with small numbers. (juego de restas)

Ducky substraction

Shark numbers: count the ones and the tens and choose the number, if you are right you will see a dolphin jumping, but be careful because if you are wrong the shark will take a bite of your boat.

(este juego sirve para aprender y practicar las decenas y las unidades, cuenta las decenas y las unidades y elige su valor, si aciertas verás saltar al delfín, pero ten cuidado porque si te equivocas el tiburón arrancará de un mordisco un bocado de tu barca)


Alien numbers: a quick game to practice adds.

Make ten: A good game to practise substractions.

Easy measuring game: you can choose either between centimeters or inches.

Another measuring game a little more difficult.